Why study in UK? Let’s discuss top reasons

Study in UK

UK stands among top study abroad destinations in the world. Here we tried to discuss some top reasons considered by International students for study in UK.

  • World class education system: UK education system stands among most advanced and well reputed education system in the world.
  • Great place to live: The UK is one of the most desirable places to live in around the world with its high quality of education, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, and government services.
  • Without IELTS admission: Applicants (especially master applicants) can have option to get admission without IELTS by fulfilling the conditions.
  • Part time work allowed: International students are allowed to do part time jobs (20 Hrs. / Wk.) to earn their livelihood.
  • Travel with family: Master applicants can apply visa to bring their dependent family members (Spouse/children) with them to the UK.

Study in UK, Provides International students with Post study settlement in UK:

  • Graduate Immigration / Post study work Visa; Graduate immigration route enables International students to apply for PSW (Post study work) visa for the duration of 2-3 years, after successfully completing their degree at undergraduate level or above.
  • Skilled Immigration / Permanent residency; Graduate immigration route (Post study work Visa) can be switched into skilled immigration (PR-Permanent residency) once the applicant has been offered a skilled Job by a licensed employer.

Get experts advise about study in UK:

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